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School Branding Specialists are not Armchair Strategists.

True school branding specialists are more than ordinary graphic designers and web builders.  A branding specialist must understand your regional target demographic.   So many people call themselves school branding specialists, yet many have no understanding of the world education market.  Equally worrisome is that many have no experience dealing with schools from various cultures.

In this highly competitive education market, we offer unique ways to brand your school. This is because we not only understand the languages and cultures of the region, but we market from their accepted perspectives.  It’s our position that only so much can be done from the confines of a comfortable Manhattan office, especially given the fact the people you hope to reach live on the other side of the world.

As your authentic school branding specialists, we take action.  We have scouted and observed these territories firsthand. We fully understand the cutthroat competition your school faces.  We prepare your school to engage with a winning strategic advantage at the heart of the fight.  This is how  we at Access Education set ourselves apart from other “school branding specialists.”

U.S. School Branding and Sino Student Relations Management since 1990.

How can Access Education’s School Branding services help you?
  • Facilitate  your student recruitment from campuses within Greater China and Southeast Asia.
  • Accelerate your school’s growth, academic collaboration, and international exchange programs.
  • Master your school’s recruitment goals, study abroad programs, and program development.
  • Expand your school’s presence and international brand.

Why use Access Education LLC?  Because:

1. Your school can own a professional marketing management team with less than 1/5 of a regular staff’s salary.
2. You can have a monthly subscription plan – cancel anytime if we can not live up to your expectation.

We are your most economical professional marketing staff for Chinese-speaking audiences.