The fact that many Chinese students are deceived by study-abroad service agents is not news. Although China’s government has enacted new laws to regulate Chinese agents’ business practices, countless Chinese parents and students continue to fall victim.

In just four months, the National College Entrance Examination will be held in China. One can find many crooked study-abroad agents at these locations seeking out their unsuspecting prey. Why is it the best time for unscrupulous agents to target potential victims? Because agents know they have an advantage by preying upon the fear of an uncertain future should students perform poorly on these exams.


You may wonder how dishonest Chinese agents get their customers to believe in them. The swindlers deceive their customers with persuasive arguments and extremely conniving sales tactics. On one ChinaHubei TV show, a Chinese top lawyer, Chen Xiu, revealed eight most common practices used by unethical study-abroad agents:
(1) Creating and collecting fictitious international schools fees,
(2) Fudging and collecting international schools’ expenses and tuition,
(3) False advertising,
(4) Having clients sign one-sided contracts heavily favoring dishonest agents,
(5) Offering empty promises,
(6) Applying for unaccredited schools or certified schools that operate as student visa mills,
(7) Falsely Claiming themselves as international schools’ official representatives for academic collaboration purposes, and
(8) Producing fake application materials.
As long as these groups prey upon ignorance, fear, and hope for a better education and life outside of China, innocent lives will continue to be ruined.
(Edited by T. Gray, Feb. 5, 2015)