Academic Public Relations for Your Credibility

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Get Asian schools to say “YES!” to academic collaboration. Prestigious Asian schools usually only work with renowned international institutions. however, our American school branding specialists have successfully assisted regionally-ranked or lower tier U.S. schools sign MOUs with several high-quality Asian colleges.

In the past 5 years, we have assisted U.S. schools in signing MOU agreements with more than 30 high-quality Asian schools. These schools include famous research-based, hands-on Asian universities such as National Chung Hsing University, Feng Chia University, Yuan Ze University, I-Shou University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, HeBei University of Technology, CHANGCHUN University of Technology, and LIAONING University.

None of these signings would have been possible without our public relations initiatives.

A successful academic public relations effort requires continuity and consistency.  Practically speaking, an international collaborative agreement is no different from any interpersonal relationship. It takes people time to build and maintain trust. Access Education has the skills, knowledge, and experience to do the same for your school.

Academic Public Relations: Education Fairs

  • U.S. School Brand Marketing for Greater China and Southeast Asia
    We spread your school's info to Chinese-speaking audience and disseminate your value propositions.

Academic Public Relations: Campus visits

  • National Tsing Hua University: Initiate the Dialogue

Academic Public Relations: Pre-Departure Orientation

  • LET THEM KNOW YOU CARE. An orientation video available for your Chinese speaking prospective students is integrated into your Chinese website.

Academic Public Relations: Alumni Reception

An alumni reception event planning begins with a carefully designed survey. One of the questions asked is when would the best time for the majority of alumni to attend. We manage your alumni receptions in Greater China every step of the way. These types of events help to build relationships, and reinforce affection for your school.

  • Alumni reception for a US school.

 Academic Public Relations: Your Progress & Your New Students

  • Concentrate on Your Progress. We take trips to your campus once in a while to keep up with your latest developments on campus.

Academic Public Relations: Counselor Training

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Train Guidance Counselors to Promote Your School

Train and educate Chinese guidance counselors throughout Greater China to promote U.S. schools effectively by providing them with professional knowledge and sufficient resource.   We can package your school’s information in an efficient and clear format that they can comprehend and absorb quickly. This service is available upon special request.

Effective Academic Public Relations Starts Here

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