Chinese Marketing Materials

  • Printed Chinese Marketing Materials

Chinese marketing materials we produce include

(1) Souvenirs & College Apparel: such as T-shirts, flags, banners, pens, coffee mugs, and stuffed animals.   They are great for bookstores and public relations events.

(2) Printed Flyers and Brochures: printed materials are only as good as their  level of distribution. Still they remain the most effective media in meeting with prospective students and their parents. We distribute your Chinese marketing printed materials to all study-abroad information centers for maximum access to prospective students. Printed Chinese marketing materials are an essential tool in promoting your school at various locations including campuses and education fairs.

(3) Audio Visual Presentations: culturally engaging and tactical audio visual presentations will gain the attention of your audience in promotional seminars and pre-departure orientations.  You may also choose to post, email or host your video in an online webinar with a live Q and A to follow.

(4) Digital Brand Engagement: this is a novel, dynamic approach to branding.  Connect your brand with your prospective Asian students wherever the internet is available. Be prepared for the era of “Internet of Things” (IoT). We know how to promote your school’s brand through digital mobile interaction.

  • Social Media Site (Facebook) (not active after August, 2015)

Chinese Marketing Materials we produce also include

(5) Books: We published books with information on featured schools. One book entitled “Accidental International Students” is a collection of 32 Asian students study-abroad stories. At the end of each story, advice is given on how to avoid and correct mistakes typically encountered by visiting Asian students.

(6) Blog: We use our blog to inform Asian students about U.S. Education issues. The blog is entitled “Study-in-America Jottings.” This blog is published with prospective students in mind. A wide range of topics tailored to their interests are discussed here. These topics include personal stories of Asian student experiences in the U.S., American life, and academic matters such as learning American English.