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Language barriers can be a problem when branding your product or service to another civilization.  Even people from the same country with similar backgrounds can misunderstand each other. It is a common mistake to assume literal translations of English marketing materials are effective in different cultures.

American education providers are no different.  For example, one U.S. college adopted the slogan “Go the extra mile” and used it in their international marketing campaign. They didn’t even stop to think that only the United States uses this system of measurement. Nor, for that matter, did they consider that most American slang phrases are indecipherable in any other part of the world. This is why it is so important to work with experts who understand the territories and customs of the region.

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The importance of overcoming language barriers cannot be overstated.  Attention to cultural nuances is equally as important as understanding the language itself. Our communications methods overcome these barriers and forge trust with all parties involved.

A good research article entitled The Impact of Language Barriers on Trust Formation in Multinational Teams,” accepted by the Journal of International Business Studies, demonstrates that communication barriers imposed by the diversity of languages impede trust.

This begs the question “How can you expect prospective Asian students to trust your brand, and choose your school if they can not make sense of your marketing materials?”.  But this is the case when it comes to American schools “marketing” themselves to non-English speaking countries.  Most administrations are content to use the same materials designed for domestic recruitment efforts.  Some may staple a page or two of inaccurately translated bullet points for the show. The irony is that any CEO of a large company – for whom you are educating today’s workforce – would agree that this indifferent approach would not bode well with global marketing strategies. 

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If you want Chinese-speaking students to understand and accept your school brand, you have to establish trust. Understanding how unknown foreign brands are perceived, and knowing why some are accepted while others are rejected is fundamental to what we do.  We have been leading the way in branding US schools since 1990.

The first step in accomplishing your school’s goal in reaching out to the region is having Access Education, LLC – an experienced Chinese Web Design team – in your corner.

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