U.S. College Branding Testimonials

We have 25 years of service in U.S. college branding and public relations in Asia (Taiwan) as IBS Marketing & Public Relations Co., Ltd.

Here is what U.S. schools have to say about our college branding services.

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Pioneering Experts in U.S. College Branding

As your U.S. college branding manager in Asia, you will spend less and achieve more.   Branding your school in this highly competitive market can be extraordinarily lucrative provided you know how to proceed.  You need support from exceptionally experienced professionals to maximize your exposure and ensure positive results.

Create Value and Establish a Competitive Edge Over Your Competition

In their best-selling book The GO-GIVER“, Bob Burg and John David Mann state “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.”   This is true in all aspects of business, including education providers.

When introducing your school to prospective Chinese students, you need to present your competitive advantage in a way they can understand.  As with anything other product, Chinese are obsessed with brand names.  Brand recognition is what your school  has to to achieve in this region.  It is, therefore, important to be mindful the average Chinese student is calculating their potential Return On Investment. Without the proper game plan in place, your marketing ventures in Greater China can easily become a money pit.

College Branding with Integrity in Mind

College Branding-Access Education LLCMarketing an educational institution is Asia requires a clear understand of the landscape, and must be done handled with integrity. Here is just one example of a college administration that tried to brand themselves on their own. and got burned.

A couple of years ago, a state-supported university in North Dakota had awarded degrees to  584 international students who did not complete their course work. Most of these students were from China, where U.S. schools are often misrepresented by unethical recruiting agents. An audit revealed that the university had entered into international academic agreements that did not comply with requirements set by the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education and the Learning Higher Commission.

With Access Education as your expert branding partners, you save time, frustration and money. Furthermore, your reputation is well protected. We are with you every step of the way from designing your Chinese website and marketing materials, designing and maintaining Chinese social media pages, to developing MOU relationships with schools throughout Greater China and Southeast Asia.

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