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Embed Your Brand within the Chinese-speaking Communities

Democratize U.S. Higher Education

One major website run and maintained by Access Education is which markets U.S. higher education institutions to the Chinese-speaking demographic and international students worldwide.   This includes a large number of transfer students residing in the United States and Canada.  Many of these students want to enroll in your school.  But you must first draw their attention.  After all, how can they attend your school when they barely know you exist.

The second step knowing how to properly package and provide school’s information.  This is what we do.  We personalize your message in a way that is both interesting and culturally intelligible.   We bridge the communications and cultural gaps that stand between you and prospective students.

Things Google Cannot Translate

Simply translating your English marketing materials to Chinese is not enough to interest students from Greater China and Southeast Asia.   Google Translate is not the answer either as it will “only accurately convey the meaning of 57.7%.” of your message.

But even if Google Translate were 100% literally accurate, you would still have misunderstandings.  Why? Because Google translation is not culturally oriented.    In fact, serious mistakes are often made when marketing teams discount cultural divides.  Please refer to our blog post “International Marketing Cultural Mistakes.”

Not Everyone Can Sell Your School

Most U.S. higher education institutions recruit international students from Chinese-speaking regions.   However, speaking only a few sentences of Chinese and making several visits to the region does not make one an expert.  Even a person who can speak Chinese fluently does not make a good sales person for U.S. institutions.  It takes years to understand and to integrate with the people and culture who comprise this market.  We leave no stone unturned.

Ask this question: Who can best sell a Chinese-speaking person a U.S. school that costs upwards of $50,000 USD to attend per year?  This translates to over $200,000 USD for an undergraduate degree.  That’s a large sum of money for an average Chinese family.

You Need Experts Who Can Sell High-end Products

$200,000 USD?  Let’s see what $200,000 USD can buy. In certain parts of the U.S., that amount can even buy a house.   With that money, you can buy a latest 2019 model of Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Continental GT, or Porsche 911 Turbo.  Many salespersons can sell low-priced cars but how many can sell high-end cars confidently?   That is why you should look for experts who can best sell your school to the audience in Greater China, Singapore, and Malaysia, and not just any Chinese-speaking individual.

Most of all, persuasive traits that include trustworthy speaking and writing skills, a diligent work ethic, easy-going personality, and strategic planning are all needed to shape a successful sales representative.  This is what made us #1 in sales for the clients we have represented for so many years.  There is no shortcut to success.

We Deliver a Culturally Comprehendible Message

Let’s examine the simplest term on your application form and your English marketing materials: GPA.

Don’t assume that all international student understand this term, because many don’t.   Allocating a small spot on your application form explaining what GPA stands for is good PR.  It may not seem like much, but this seemingly minor effort demonstrates that your administration is not indifferent to international students’ needs.

We Boldly Convey Your Message

Expect the new content from soon.  It will become the premier U.S. colleges and universities information resource website for Chinese-speaking students throughout the world.   This will provide your school the opportunity to interact with international students, and attract them to your campus with exciting news, stories, and discussions in their own languages.