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Media Relations Play a Crucial Role in Chinese Business Ventures

Media relations carries more weight and influence now than ever before. Along with traditional press releases, news articles, and public events, digital social media can play an even more important role. Media relations has become more complicated than just a few years ago, are even more difficult to maintain in our ever-evolving high-tech world.

Remember when we used to get our news from periodical, TV, and radio?   This has all changed so fast in the U.S. where internet users now comprise roughly 87% of the entire population. In China, however, only 52.3% of its population has internet access, according to Wikipedia.  Due to the low internet accessibility, traditional media still plays an important role in disseminating news in China.

Media Relations Raises Visibility

In an international education fair held in Beijing showcased representatives from school throughout the world.

Chinese media and CCTV interviewed Mrs. Gray, co-founder of Access Education, at their fair.   About 90 U.S. schools participated in the event, but only a select few were asked to speak to the media on behalf of their schools.

The interview with Mrs. Gray was in-depth.  Among other things, she shared tips with her viewers on how to become involved in American activities while studying in the U.S. The interview was broadcast nationwide later that evening, and viewed by millions of people across China.

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 Media Relations Delivers Credibility

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 Media Relations Gains Publicity

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Empowered with Media Relations

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