Social Public Relations

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 Practicing Responsible Social Public Relations

It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.  Said Mother Teresa, one of the most influential individuals modern in history, and winner of Nobel Peace Prize 1979.

Access Education began its philanthropic and social public relations in Taiwan in 1989 with almost nothing in their bank accounts. At that time both founders were in their late 20s.

Co-founder, Mrs. Gray, was the first child born into a family that was living well below the poverty level. Her mother is illiterate, and her father once pulled a rickshaw for U.S. military stationed in Taiwan.  both her parents also worked as street vendors.

Mrs. Gray still remembers growing up hungry throughout most of her childhood with her three younger siblings. They survived, in part, on leftovers generously provided by fellow impoverished neighbors who shared what they could, including clothes.

Despite her hardships, she managed to graduate from the best schools in Taiwan, and then studied in the United States in both master’s and doctoral programs. She credits her father’s encouragement for giving her the fortitude to excel in her then new environment.

At Access Education, LLC, we value and enjoy working with people who care about humanity, and who set good examples for the next generation.  This is what attracts us to those who work in the field of education. In Albert Einstein’s words we subscribe to the philosophy  “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

 Establishing Social Public Relations through Scholarships

Access Education Scholarships for China

For years we have provided scholarships to underprivileged high school students in China.

Scholarship for Outstanding Students  (From 1990 – 2014)       

Scholarships provided by our Taiwan Liaison Office promotes bilateral US/China education cooperation. Each year, up to 36 students from Taiwan and China were awarded this scholarship.

Scholarship for Students below the Poverty level (From 1990 – 2014)

Our company continues to provide scholarships to a wide range of Taiwanese students pursuing US education.  All live below local poverty level standards.

  • THANK YOU letter from scholarship winners.

Building Social Public Relations through Volunteer Work

(1) World Vision 

social public relations170We support World Vision  who champions many world causes, including the building of hospitals and schools in countries where they are desperately needed. We strongly encourage everyone to give.

(2) Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation 

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We support humanitarian efforts worldwide through Tzu Chi Foundation.

(3) The Home of God’s Love (Orphanage) 

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We donate goods and money to support orphans’ education

(Founders, Bev, and Ted Skiles have raised close to 400 children.)

(4) Bellevue Schools District

We support public education in Bellevue, WA.